About Dr David Mann

Dr David Mann has been in private practice as a Consultant Dietitian for over 30 years and has extensive experience in all areas of human nutrition and dietetic management of disease conditions, dietary treatment and management of adult and childhood obesity, PCOS, insulin resistance, and sports nutrition.

Dr Mann has a PhD in Biochemistry which assists him with the understanding of the biochemistry of the human body and its nutritional requirements. He has been a mentor for medical students from the University of Newcastle, University of New south Wales and University of Sydney. He also mentors dietitians, dietetic students and new graduates for the University of Sydney.

Dr Mann is passionate about the well-being and nutritional health improvements of every individual so that we can all live and achieve the best quality of life.

  • Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry & Human Physiology), University of Sydney
  • Honours in Biochemistry, University of Sydney
  • Diploma in Human Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Sydney
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Biochemistry), University of Sydney
  • Sports Dietitian, Australian Institute of Sports

St Vincent's

Dr Mann is Head of Department of Dietetics at St Vincent's Private Clinic Darlinghurst.


Consults to patients at a number of fertility clinics for fertility specialists in regard to fertility nutrition and weight loss for pregnancy.

Sports Nutrition

Dr Mann also has extensive experience in sports nutrition including; endurance sports, swimming, triathlon, marathons, body building, kickboxing, and many other sports.

Aged Care

Dr Mann is a consultant at many Aged Care facilities in the St George/ South and South West Sydney.


Dr Mann consults in co-ordination with Lipoedema Surgical Solution QLD for Lipoedema patients requiring weight loss.

Talks & Lectures

Has given talks around Australia on a number of different subjects including eye nutrition, diabetes and weight loss.